BOLD Justice

Together we stand bold for Justice


BOLD Justice’s mission is to powerfully address community issues in Broward County through a self-sustaining, interfaith, interracial, proactive organization rooted in religious congregations.

About Us

BOLD Justice (Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice) is a 501(c)(3) organization composed of 22 religious congregations from different racial/ethnic and religious backgrounds.  

We were established in 2007.  

We are politically non-partisan.  

We are not a direct service agency that helps individuals who are affected by community problems. 

We are a direct action organization that holds community leaders accountable to solve serious community problems that affect Broward County residents and local businesses.

Our motivation is rooted in our shared religious background. 

We have won victories related to Affordable Housing, Dental Care, Juvenile Arrests, Jobs, Unemployment, and Education.

We are currently working on Senior Care, Mental Health, and Juvenile Arrests.