Jobs (2012-2014)

  • In 2012, Broward County had 77,000 people who were unemployed, the second largest number of people unemployed in the state.
  • Between 2007 and 2009, the number of unemployed skyrocketed from 34,000 to 87,000. This amounted in 53,000 additional people unemployed. Since 2009, only 10,000 of these jobs have been recovered (source: Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity).
  • Between December and Mid-January only 17,000 jobs were posted, we have a serious shortage of jobs. (source: Workforce One, HWOL vs. Jobseekers Report).

The Solution
  • BOLD Justice pushed for a county ordinance that would encourage local hiring and hiring of those traditionally considered “hard to hire”
  • The ordinance only applies to companies that contract with the county for $250,000 or more
  • It required that for the first 5 days a contract is available, they advertise exclusively with CareerSource Broward (WorkForce 1) and interview qualified candidates – essentially giving Broward residents the first opportunity to work on Broward jobs.
  • It required businesses make a good faith effort to interview and hire people considered “hard to hire”: veterans, long term unemployed, people with disabilities, people with felony records, etc

  • BOLD Justice got the county commission to pass the Workforce Investment Act.
  • The Workforce Investment Act is a program of the county the includes requirements and incentives for companies that do business with the county to hire local Broward County residents, as well as people who are traditionally hard to hire (i.e. Veterans, people without high school diplomas, people with a felony conviction, people who are low income, etc).
  • The policy went into effect in January 2015 and has already impacted more than $200 mill worth of contracts