How we got started

Our History

In 2006, six clergy from Broward County, Florida came together around a shared vision. This vision,rooted in their diverse religious traditions, focused them on the necessity to build power in order to hold local systems accountable for fair and just policies and practices. One year later, Broward Organized Leaders

Doing Justice (BOLD Justice) was established. On September 24th, 2007 more than 800 members from 20 congregations gathered to officially covenant and form BOLD Justice.


BOLD Justice’s mission is to provide a vehicle for congregations of diverse racial, religious, and economic background to address the root causes of poverty and injustice through the empowerment of low to moderate income people.


Our purpose is to affect institutional change for the benefit of low to moderate-income families in our county. We are not a direct service organization that focuses on the individual victims of injustice, rather we are a direct action organization that builds the power necessary to make system wide changes for the benefit of low to moderate income individuals by holding local officials and decision makers accountable for their decisions. Because our power is related to our numbers, BOLD Justice congregations have a vision of building their capacity to turnout their Average Worship Attendance (AWA) one time a year to do justice at a county wide direct action.


BOLD Justice congregations go through three annual processes.  First, in the fall congregations engage in a listening campaign.  Leaders host small group meetings in their homes to hear stories about community problems that are impacting the lives of those attending our congregations.  This culminates at our annual Community Problems Assembly where congregations vote to set the priorities for action for the year.  Next we enter the research to action process.  During this process issues are researched and solutions are identified.  We seek commitments from local decision makers at our Annual Nehemiah Action to implement those solutions.  Follow up meetings are conducted to monitor progress on those solutions.  Finally we hold our annual investment drive where BOLD Justice leaders own the ministry by making financial investments into the work.